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Episode 5: “How To Stop Procrastinating”

How do you reach your goals if you never start? What is it that makes us drag our feet when it comes to going after the things we want...

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Epsidoe 4: “Gain Self Discipline”

We all know that we need to be disciplined in order to reach our goals, but how do you gain more self-discipline?

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Episode 3: “Push Past Fear & Reach Your Goals”

Fear is the single biggest limiting factor in our lives. It can be downright crippling. So how you do conquer your fears, eliminate self-doubt and achieve your goals? In...

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Episode 2: “Getting & Staying Motivated”

Do you ever have a hard time staying motivated long enough to reach your goals? In this podcast we cover some simple, easy to follow, steps to help get...

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Episode 1: Balancing Fitness & Life Goals

How do you make the time to achieve your fitness goals, while juggling the other priorities and responsibilities in your life? In this podcast we talk about some simple...

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Behind The Mic

James Grage

Show Host

James Grage is a fitness expert & entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in the sports nutrition industry. His true “rags to riches” story has taken him from a career in publication to being featured on the cover; from a near-debilitating accident to the bodybuilding stage; and from humble beginnings to founding BPI Sports, one of the largest sports nutrition companies in the world. 

Deniz Gungor

Producer / Co-Host

Deniz Gungor joined BPI Sports in 2013 at the rise of the social media boom. Five years later, Deniz is now the company’s Creative Director, in charge of social media content and producing the James Grage Theory podcast. 

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The James Grage Theory is a weekly podcast, hosted by James Grage, an average guy who was down on his luck, but turned his life around to become a successful businessperson, motivator and health & fitness expert. Through personal stories, James shares his insights on what it takes to find success in life, business and fitness. 

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